A plant-based diet has been shown in many studies to be the preferred diet for health and longevity: The main advantages are that it is high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  This powerful combination reduces inflammation and has an anti-aging affect.  For instance, the black raspberry has the highest ORAC value in plants.  Walnuts are one of the highest in essential fatty acids.  The seeds of the plant are the most powerful part yet, so try to get the seeds as much as possible.  See

However, care must be given in the amount of processed carbohydrates.  Pastas, breads, white potatoes, etc.  since they turn into sugar. 

In order to get a good supply of protein I recommend adding up to 6 tablespoons of Hemp Hearts per day.  Hemp hearts have the Edistin form of protein that is the most bioavailable version in the world.  They are also very high in omega-6 so when combined with the Edistin protein makes them a must in any diet. Hemp seeds are one of the most powerful foods period.  They are the super food of super foods.  Roger Snow of has even had them cure all his ailments combined with a plant-based diet.  In order to incorporate them in you diet start putting them in your shakes, sprinkling them on your food, using the hempseed oil instead of olive oil.  You can find good recipes on the internet.  I make a vegan pesto with the hemp hearts and hemp oil instead of olive oil and miso instead of parmesan cheese.  It is delicious.

Structured Water

In order to get the good nutrients into the cells and the toxins out, structured water is ideal.  This is the fourth phase of water talked about by physicist Dr Gerald Pollock:  It is far more efficient than regular water.  If you do not have spring water as your source, which is naturally structured, order a home or portable unit here:  I like to use Matcha green tea powder in my water, it instantly dissolves and can be sweetened with natural sweeteners.

If I am traveling I like to use one of the high oxygen waters if available since you can get more oxygen into your system to increase energy and detoxification.


If we are not out working in your garden or walking a lot, we need to be moving to get the blood and lymph circulation working well and the muscles toned up.  I use an exercise bike in the winter to keep in shape doing the “Peak 8”:


We live in a toxic world.  A daily detox method should be used to keep the cells working at maximum efficiency.  I have found the best way to detoxify is to use a far infrared sauna regularly and  to use herbal cleanses.  My favorite  convenient daily detoxification is Core from Rain:  Within Core is Chlorophyllin, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Wheat Grass, Cranberry Seed, Milk Thistle Seed, Kale, Black Cumin Seed, Chlorella, and Dandelion. Each ingredient contributes to a specific health function and has a powerful cleansing and fortifying effect on your body’s organs. For example, Spirulina promotes brain function while Kale assists in fat digestion, and Milk Thistle seed is known for its liver defending properties.  I use one or 2 of these a day but particularly before sleep when the body focuses on cleansing.  For those who like smoothies, Metagenics also has some smoothie powders that support metabolic detoxification:


Natural sauerkraut is becoming one of the main food sources we need to add to our diet to get the Pre/Probiotics we need to have an awesome gut biome that immensely improves the immune system and so much more to overall health.  If not able to get natural sauerkraut take a good one like Pure from Rain.


Even the best of eating habits can result in suboptimal health, or the very least aging. Many other nutritional supplements can be replaced as you begin to use Soul from Rain. It is convenient seed-based powerful nutrition: This amazing seed-based packet has been tested to give a 33% reduction of cell-based inflammation, 62% increase in the stimulation of cell life in antiaging properties, and 2.5X the average free radical reduction of all nutritional products tested at independent Brunswick labs.  I believe it, I have experienced it, so has my wife Kat.  She had a very high blood pressure despite having a great diet and within two weeks she had a very low blood pressure reading on Soul which is maintained. Headaches of literally 50 years have almost completely disappeared or are managed with Soul versus medication.

Since Omega-6 fatty acids are so important for fuel, building skin, organs, tissues and brain I like to add a good mixture of the seed oils poured over my food each day.

Jeff Bowles ( )has just republished his excellent book on D3with K2.  Basically, we need 10,000 units of D3 with K2 daily if we are not getting sunshine daily.  If you have a major issue with any disease, I would take 50,000. Medical Vision Center (360.496.5140) carries 25,000 units of D3 with K2 in one capsule from Metabolic Maintenance if you can not find it locally.

Things to avoid

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the number one thing we need to avoid. It is inflammatory, toxic, and genetically modified.  Do not use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame with its 90 side-effects either.  Use natural sweeteners like stevia (, monk fruit (, and raw honey.

Non-organic and GMO foods, U.S. based dairy products, tainted and doped non-organic meat, and gluten are best avoided (the latter doused with glyphosate).  I like to use coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut milk to replace dairy and European cheeses without bovine growth hormone.

If your health doesn’t improve with implementation of these recommendations, consider a vegetarian or vegan diet. The Hale Project is one of the most powerful diets with proven results; 10 years’ adherence to the Mediterranean diet reduced ALL causes of death and disease by 50%! Also, if you think you might have auto-immune symptoms consider Dr Gundry’s Plant Paradox diet which is lectin free. Your health is your greatest possession and stewardship and worth a concerted effort to strive for excellent, abundant, vibrant health!