Medical Vision Center and Nutritional Visions is hosting a FREE special lecture on the NATURAL SOLUTION to cancer, major diseases, and common problems such as arthritis by internationally acclaimed Dr. Bradford Weeks M.D. “The Seed Doctor” this Friday, September 27 at NOON at 240 West Main Street, Morton.

I have been looking for the holy grail of nutritional health for over 40 years. I have found it. It is omega-6 the quintessential fatty acid. I have never experienced anything that works so fast. You get omega-6 in the seed oils.” – Dr. Donald Carroll, Optometric Physician, NTP



Dr. Bradford Weeks is in his 25th year as the Founder and Medical Director of Whidbey Island, Washington-based “Alternative Health Advocates,” an educational and advocacy service for terminal patients interested in “corrective medicine and psychiatry,” which identifies and corrects deficiencies and toxicities in the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual spheres. 

Dr. Weeks cares for people of ALL ages suffering with ALL illnesses by helping to correct imbalances of the physical (biochemical), emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Patients with the following illnesses seek corrective care: cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autism, multiple sclerosis, menopause/maleopause, diabetes, hepatitis, addictions, digestive problems, joint and chronic pain syndromes, dermatological problems and all varieties of mental disorders including psychosis (schizophrenia, manic depression/bipolar), depression, anxiety, obsessive/compulsive, PTSD and other thought and mood disorders

Mentorship with Dr. Abram Hoffer, M.D., influenced Dr. Weeks’ contributions to health encompass pioneering therapies such as orthomolecular psychiatry and psycho-neuro-immunology, and as one of three U.S. doctors teaching insulin potentiation chemotherapy (IPT) and developing genetic repair protocols for cancer patients. Learn more at