Is Cannabis oil the holy grail? Or CBD oil?

Donald Carroll OD, NT

A few years ago, a patient told me he had cured his brain cancer by taking high doses of his home-grown cannabis. It took him about 3 months, and he had before and after proof of an MRI to prove it. We know the research shows that CBD helps with pain and other ailments. It is evident that there are certain health benefits from cannabis oil (high THC) and CBD oil (hemp oil that is concentrated to high CBD). What about long term use? I think the jury is still out there on that. I have read that some studies feel this may be too much for the brain on a steady basis.

Since cannabis oil is legal here in Washington state, I started to use it to help me to get to sleep better and help with my restless leg syndrome. It helped both specially to get to sleep but I did not like the feeling of being high or feeling like I needed it to get to sleep. Not much better than being addicted to a sleeping pill.

When I started taking Soul[i] twice a day, a high omega-6 seed oil supplement I found I did not need to use the cannabis oil to get to sleep. I also found many other benefits. The main thing that bothered me was my restless leg syndrome, which is mostly gone, especially if I ate healthy foods before bed. My thinking became more efficient and mellow. My sprained knee healed and range of motion and bending improved. My skin especially the skin on my feet continues to smooth out, a skin cancer on my forehead healed. My overall sense of wellbeing continues to escalate. I also had neuropathy starting in my toes that was starting to bother me. That too took a little longer but is gone. I am beginning to feel like a new man.

I started researching omega-6 seed oils to find out why I felt so many benefits so quickly.   One book I read on it “The PEO solution” shared the main benefits of omega-6 were because every cell in your body has a significant amount of omega-6 in the cell membrane and even the mitochondria. So, everything in your body will work better when you have more in your system. This led to my article on omega-6 as the holy grail[ii]

When I researched hemp seed oil I found that it is one of the highest in omega-6 ratios (omega-6:omega-3, 3.75:1). Along with the other major anti-inflammatory fatty acids GLA and SDA. As far as carbohydrates go the non-sugar version called glyconutrients are found in hemp, one of which we know we all need is glucosamine for our joints, plus 12 others. These glyconutrients are metabolized into molecular building blocks for cellular communication called glycans. All living cells are coated with glycans they are responsible for how well our immune and endocrine systems function and how well they regulate inflammation. Most of the major vitamins and minerals are also supplied; carotene, B, C, D, E vitamins, phytosterols, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, iron, Zinc etc. including the phytonutrients, terpenes and cannabinoids.[iii]

As good as the essential fatty acid profile is I found it also contains all the essential amino acids. 60% of the protein is edistin which is the most easily digested of all proteins. Edistin is a type of globular protein that facilitates digestion and is a precursor to some of the most vital chemicals in the body: hormones, which regulate all our body processes; hemoglobulin, which transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitric oxide; enzymes, which catalyze and control biochemical reactions; and antibodies (immunoglobulins), which fend off invading bacteria, viruses, and toxins (antigens) as they enter the body.[iv]

So now you can see that hemp has all the building blocks for the body. It is the super food of super foods, some people say you could live on this alone.

I first came across the inventor of hemp hearts, Roger Snow after he sent me samples years ago but I was involved in other projects and did not follow up with Roger until I saw what a super food hemp was. His personal story of discovering the power of hemp is amazing.[v]   He was a farmer inventor in Canada and developed a machine to remove the hull from hemp seeds. He was only 50 years old and he had developed high blood pressure, high blood sugar, chronic prostate inflammation, several digestive disorders, and arthritis so bad he had to sleep in a chair. The inquisitive inventor he was he decided to do an experiment on himself and eat 5 tablespoons of hemp hearts with a simple diet and in 50 days noticed most of his health issues gone. Another 50 days and they were gone. Wow, what a simple thing to try! We have got to find ways to get this amazing seed in our diet or we are simply missing out on the greatest miracle seed of all time.

With the legalization of cannabis oil and CBD oil much of the research has been switched to them, overlooking the true super star hemp hearts and organic cold pressed hemp seed oil. I want to flood my body with omega-6 oils not cannabis oil or CBD oil. Besides taking Soul twice a day, I want to saturate my body with omega-6 until all my cells are satiated. What better way to start my day then with an omega-6 smoothie made with 5 tablespoons hemp harts, in coconut milk, with some vanilla, dates, sesame seed butter, banana and even some frozen berries. Then in a tiny bowel I mix some hemp seed oil, habanero sauce, & crushed garlic. I use this to pour over my food during the day. I will let you know when I get satiated with omega-6. By the way both the smoothie and the hemp seed oil sauce are totally delicious. I also love to make raw chocolates.[vi] I am now using the hemp hearts made into a butter and flavored with, maca, lucuma, mesquite, vanilla, sea salt, Ratio:Sweet monk fruit, and honey as a filling for my chocolates. Yes, it is a must for your daily chocolate urges and very nutritious a long as you do not use to much sweetener.

Omega-6 is the holy grail[vii] not CBD oil or cannabis oil which I feel should only be used like medicine if these other seeds and oils are not enough. By the way if you are using Soul, I do not feel you need many additional supplements except for vitamin D3 if you are deficient. Soul has so many vitamins and minerals from the synergy of the seeds it is made with. Hemp is the only plant source of vitamin D but is not much especially if you are not getting much sun. If you have any health issues you have nothing to lose by trying these seeds and oils. There are no side effects but good nutrition, plus they taste so good.



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