By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP

Wireless Radiation Rescue 2012 by Kerry Crofton, PhD (ISBN 978-0986473531; Global WellBeing Books, Revised & Updated Edition 2012;, paperback and e-Book, 373 pages; $18.95 and $8.85 respectively.)

It’s always what you don’t know … but by the end of Kerry Crofton’s comprehensive book on electro-pollution not only will you have an in-depth presentation of electromagnetic radiation and frequencies but you will know how to reduce EMF/EMR emissions in your home, workplace, and school. You will know how to recover your health if you are an electro-sensitive person – hint, it begins with reducing chemical and electrical exposures. This book is a powerful tool to create health for yourself, your family, and even protecting your neighbors from harmful magnetic fields emanating from your home or office.

Kerry Crofton cites EMF/EMR exposure as a medical condition, one still without a diagnosis code in the United States but a covered disability benefit in Sweden. Participating expert Dr. Scheiner treats electro-sensitive or hyper-sensitive individuals in his practice. Common in these patients are a wide range of symptoms from headaches, sleeping problems, daytime fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, tachycardia, concentration, and memory problems. Avoiding exposure initiates recovery. Yet if untreated, the next step in the progression can be an electro-allergic reaction of cancer, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Kerry takes you through your house, offering suggestions for testing for emissions. The next step in the “wireless rescue” is removing and replacing electronics, lights, dimmer switches, and trading cordless phones for the old corded land lines. (Analog 900 MHz cordless phones are an option, if you must have it.) “Work on the strongest exposures first,” she says, like wireless routers, wireless devices, and internet. Revert to hard-wired internet. Schools in France are making this conversion now and expecting children’s health, concentration, and focus will improve. Replace baby monitors, modify your use of cell phones with headsets, remove cordless phones, and replace fluorescent lighting with incandescent.

“Everyone seems to feel better and to sleep better. I thought it was just the stress,” commented one “wireless rescue” participant. Kerry even goes shopping with you, advising you to take RF and gauss meters when appliance shopping. Included are resources for websites and equipment for detection and protection available around the World.

Contributing international experts explain what you need to know about mobile phones, headsets, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, Smart Meters, hybrid cars, cell towers, and more. The information about hybrid cars is a must-read if you’re in the market. Dr. Thomas M. Rau from Switzerland’s Paracelsus Clinic believes electromagnetic loads lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s disease, and even back pain. Part of the Clinic’s therapy provides EMF education to the patient, remediation strategies, and home visits by inspectors to assess EMF exposures. It is clear that, globally, this is viewed as a serious comprehensive problem impacting birds on migration and honeybees as well.

In Sweden, electro-sensitivity (ES) and electro-hypersensitivity syndromes (EHS) are evolving, and are considered a paid disability; building owners must rectify the problems. “While EHS is not an accepted medical diagnosis, yet Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes it as an environmental sensitivity and classes it as a disability.” ES/EHS is more common in people with established chemical or other environmental sensitivities. Kerry Crofton presents every option including painting walls with a special paint with small carbon particles in it to deflect radiation, using demand switches to turn power off when not in use, replacing spring mattresses with natural latex foam, and using a non-metal bed, as well as many more “fixes” depending upon how aggressively you wish to eradicate the problem.

Dr. McKinney’s research group studying chemical and/or EMF sensitivity observe that “[t]he body is an electrical system that acts like an antenna absorbing and receiving various information and sensations, including electro-magnetic fields from wired and wireless technologies.” He himself lists treatments, including diet, supplements, therapies, and practices. In her book, Kerry covers this aspect of “wireless rescue” as well!

Importantly, Paul Raymond Doyon, MA, says, “There are about eighty immune system disorders that we didn’t have twenty-five years ago before we really started microwaving the planet.”

Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are the most impacted by exposure. Symptom development depends upon proximity, frequency, intensity and duration of exposure, and is influenced by an individual’s vulnerability, overall health, and immunity. “The signals from cell phones reach more deeply into children’s thinner skulls and smaller brains. Wireless Radiation Rescue is a wake-up call with solutions,” adds Devra Davis, PhD. The fact that children shouldn’t use cell phones and all the supporting research why they shouldn’t make this book stand out as a potential paradigm shifter into the terrain of embracing technology with the same respect we’d introduce children to heavy surf in Hawaii- with respect and caution vs. careless abandon. Kerry isn’t afraid to rock the boat and lay down some firm guidelines that will positively impact the health of every child whose parents follow her advice.

I haven’t seen a book recently with this much practical DIY information you can implement immediately or over the course of time as you choose. I guarantee you, you’ll implement at least one ‘radiation rescue’ before you finish the book— maybe it’s just as simple as moving the cell phone across the room instead of sleeping with it by the bed. Kerry Crofton has done all the legwork to allow you to produce a wireless radiation rescue and also to actively connect with others who care about this threat to health and life on the Planet. I’m sure you’ll appreciate the practicality and easy implementation as much as I did and want to share it with your friends and family