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Book Review PEO Solution

BOOK REVIEW By Dr. Donald A. Carroll, O.D. PEO Solution – Conquering Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils By Brian S. Peskin and Robert Jay Rowen, M.D; (ISBN 978-0-9882780-3-5; Pinnacle Press; January 2015, Paperback, 532 pages, $42.50, Kindle $24.50) PEO stands for “Parent Essential Oils,” the only true essential fatty acids (EFAs): parent Omega-6 (linoleic […]

The Hemp Miracle

Book Review BY DONALD A. CARROLL OD, NTP The Hemp Miracle How One Miraculous Plant Can Heal the Planet and its People By Carol Merlo M.Ed., copyright 2017, second printing February 2018, ISBN 13:978-0-9814689-7-6 This is a good introductory book to the health benefits of hemp. The author, Carol Merl0, shows the differences between hemp, […]

Book Review Healing Waters

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Healing Waters: The Powerful Health Benefits of Ionized Water By Ben Johnson, M.D., D.O., N.M.D. (ISBN 978-0-7570-0328-8; Square One Publishers, 2011;; paperback, 124 pages; $15.95) “All water is not created equal and it is the structure of water within our bodies that ultimately determines health or sickness.” […]

Book Review Athlete’s Edge:

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Athlete’s Edge: Faster, Quicker, Stronger with Vitamin D by John Cannell, M.D. (ISBN 978-0-9774272-9-1; 2011 by John Cannell, M.D., paperback, 318 pages; $19.95.) Few books I’ve read have appealed to my logic and expanded a subject so greatly in the space of a few hundred pages, in this […]

Book Review Why Do I Still H...

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal by Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS (ISBN 978-1-60037-774-7; Morgan James Publishing, LLC, 2010;, paperback, 316 pages; $39.99) This is the most comprehensive, logical, and research-driven thyroid book I have ever read; a must-read not […]

Book Review Physics of the F...

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Physics of the Future, How Science Will Shape Human Destiny And Our Daily Lives By The Year 2100 by Machio Kaku (ISBN 978-0-307-47333-2; Anchor Books, 2011;, paperback, 450 pages; $15.95)               Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku is a visionary book described by the Wall […]

Book Review Wireless Radiati...

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Wireless Radiation Rescue 2012 by Kerry Crofton, PhD (ISBN 978-0986473531; Global WellBeing Books, Revised & Updated Edition 2012;, paperback and e-Book, 373 pages; $18.95 and $8.85 respectively.) It’s always what you don’t know … but by the end of Kerry Crofton’s comprehensive book on electro-pollution not only […]

Book Review Nutritional Medi...

BOOK REVIEW By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Nutritional Medicine by Alan R. Gaby, M.D. (ISBN-10: 0982885008 | ISBN-13: 978-0982885000; 2011; Hardcover, 1358 pages; $303) If you put your health under the care of only one brilliant, intuitive, and talented healer, buying his book to use as your guide will be a decision you’ll never regret. Dr. Alan Gaby […]

Book Review Six Political Il...

Book Review By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP Six Political Illusions: A Primer on Government for Idealists Fed Up with History Repeating Itself By James L. Payne (ISBN: 978-0-915728-20-6; Lytton Publishing Co.,, 2010; paperback, 126 pages, $9.86; Kindle $9.37)   Politics, and more precisely, our correct understanding of the process of government, is crucial to […]