Book Review


Herbal Healing for Men

By Rosemary Gladstar

(ISBN 978-1-61212-477-3; Storey Publishing, 2017, Kindle; $9.99, paperback, 224 pages; $16.95.)

Rosemary Gladstar, best-selling author and world-renowned educator, activist, and entrepreneur, is a legend in teaching others the practical use of herbs. This book is a fantastic example of how to make your own herbal tinctures and teas as well as making special herbal candy, energy balls, and shakes. Healing is worked into the everyday diet and can be delicious. Most of us enjoy candy and shakes; why not make them with the super herbs that taste wonderful? Rosemary shows you how to make fun, heathy recipes, tinctures, and cordials with captivating pictures detailing every step and identifying many herbs.

This book is laid out in a user-friendly way and is very appealing at first glance; so much so that I gave this book to every male in our family this year. What was interesting were their wives’ comments, “This isn’t just for men! I can use this information too.” I highly recommend not only getting a copy for yourself, but helping your family and friends to find excellent health in such an easy, natural way. At my optometry practices, I often tell patients to download healthy and healing recipes, both food and natural medicine. But Rosemary has so many of them in her book that it has become my new “go-to” source to improve the health and life of my patients.

After I read Donald Yance’s book on herbal adaptagenics that I reviewed in Health Freedom News (HFN 34:1, Spring 2016), I have been adding herbs into my diet in any way I can to get their benefit. These super herbs are far more powerful than most people realize. Even serious issues like prostate cancer can be improved with serious lifestyle changes and adding in the healing herbs that have been studied and used for thousands of years.

Rosemary covers all the major male health issues with color pictures and examples of everything made so easy to follow that even a non-chef or one inexperienced with herbs could pick up the process instantly. A helpful addition is the in-depth profile of 30 herbs to become even more informed on their super-hero status.

Of interest to many men, Rosemary details virility issues with all of the herbs that enhance sexual potency. Some recipes like the “Mighty Maca Love Balls” are so good you will probably be making them a weekly indulgence. These herbs she recommends are a very good start for potency; but here I can suggest an even more in-depth list from other suppliers including proprietary blends containing Eurycoma longifolia, jack root, Polyrhachis, and Polygonum multiforum root (the latter longevity herb is now planted in my garden and is known for its Resveratrol content). So while this book is quite complete, there is always more to learn from other sources as well.

I especially like her herbal tea recipes. I make a half-gallon of tea and keep it in the refrigerator each day using it for my beverage all day, taking it with me to work in a water bottle. My body – and yours – can be bathed with healing all day, every day. If you use structured water (similar to spring water) to make the tea, it takes the herbs’ properties right into your cells and removes toxins from them. Using Rosemary’s recipes as a springboard, I added a little bit of butterscotch organic stevia for flavoring, making an amazingly tasty power-drink that is healing and vitality building. Rosemary shows you how to get the herbs and prepare them; her longevity elixir is a classic. If you do not want to go to the trouble of getting the herbs and mixing them, you can also get pre-made powders and tinctures with the herbs to make your own powerful healing tonics.

I tell my patients that if they exercise, eat only organic, primarily a pescatarian diet, then add the super herbs, they will greatly expand not only the length but the quality of their lives. With this step-by-step approach presented in the book, the body will be flooded with a variety of herbs daily in beverages and by including them with each meal. (So, no more excuses that it is too hard to do.) Rosemary lays it out in a fun, yet authoritative manner that everyone can enjoy. Rosemary Gladstar has produced a masterpiece that is delightfully enjoyable to read and experiment with. This book is much needed and will become a daily resource as a beautifully illustrated cookbook approach to herbal healing.