Book Review

By Katherine A. Carroll

How To End the Autism Epidemic

By J.B. Handley (ISBN 9781603588249; Chelsea Green Publishing; September 19, 2018; Paperback $19.95; 304 pages)

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

This is by far the most important, game-changing book I have read in years. The sheer volume of carefully detailed facts based upon scientific studies have the power to shape (or shift) the future for millions of people. How to End the Autism Epidemic should be in the hands, hearts, and heads as practical knowledge of every single parent and healthcare practitioner in the World before crucial, life-changing decisions are made for innocent children. I hope it will be translated into other languages.

Evidently, others feel the same passion about sharing or distributing this book. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. alone distributed more than 7300 copies to every United States legislator. We hope that even a few of them were as moved by this book as I have been.

J.B. Handley provides voluminous, phenomenal research – enough to inform and provide the due diligence necessary to make a responsible, knowledgeable decision on every vaccine in the U.S. schedule. But more than this, he enables others to argue, in full confidence, their position, in any setting from social media or on the steps of the Capitol or in the recent CDC meeting that the National Health Federation’s (NHF) Board of Governors member Dr. Russel Myers spoke at along with NHF Director of Public Relations, Laira De La Vega. Both used studies to base their arguments versus one’s personal experience with a vaccine-injured child. Both drew on Handley’s work with impressive arguments and challenges to the CDC.

Handley’s impeccable critical thinking and analysis of hundreds of vaccine studies bring to light many previously unknown, unfamiliar, or purposely uncirculated studies. Having done research for Codex, I can well appreciate all of the hours of tedious research that went into this book by Handley and even his wife, both Stanford graduates, sitting “elbow to elbow” compiling studies after their son had become a vaccine victim. Handley’s anger, frankly expressed, led him to action and in so doing, empowers others if they are willing to invest the time to learn with an open mind.

My review copy of How To End the Autism Epidemic is dog-eared and heavily underlined. This book is an extremely valuable reference and hopefully will find its way into hundreds of thousands of libraries. Readers will have authoritative ammunition in the hundreds of studies mentioned; but, as importantly, they will access flawless analysis and logical thinking that will enable them to argue their position and substantiate their commitment to freedom of choice. (The National Health Federation has arranged a direct-link discount for our members who wish to purchase this book from the publisher at, using the code NHF35. It is valid for 35% off J.B. Handley’s book and is valid through December 31, 2018.)

An immensely satisfying chapter details the day-long deposition of Dr. Plotkin, “the father of vaccines.” Recounted in summary in the book (but Handley read every word), the deposition shows the brilliance of a savvy, learned lawyer, Mr. Siri, exposing Plotkin as the poster child for bought-and-paid-for “experts.” Mr. Siri was the perfect expert-witness opponent: UC Berkeley School of Law honors graduate and former clerk for the Israeli Supreme Court, Mr. Siri is one of the most informed people in the World on vaccines and had already made headlines in 2015 by defeating the flu-shot mandate for New York children.

Eighty-year-old and heavily awarded Dr. Plotkin, who literally wrote the book on vaccines, trained Dr. Paul Offit, the vaccine apologist par excellence. Bill Gates raved that his book was an “indispensable guide to the enhancement of the well-being of our world.” Dr. Plotkin claims his intent is never financial, as though we might actually believe that of him or his protégé. Not only does Siri reduce Plotkin’s biased arguments to utter nonsense, but he exposes Plotkin’s misleading 200-hundred-page resume as missing critical details such as well disclosing all of the vaccine makers he is receiving money from – enough to make him a millionaire many times over. His point is well-established. It is all about the money with utter disregard for the child.

For those, like the Handley family, who have an autistic child, hope is given in a diet that has been proven effective in many cases in turning back damage to one degree or another. So, he provides prevention in education and the potential “cure” if a child has already succumbed to vaccine damage. As parents are entrusted with the care and very lives of their children, it would be my wish that this exceedingly valuable book be made available to everyone participating in decision-making for those who depend upon their wise judgment. To that end, NHF will be offering a free copy of How to End the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley to those donating $100 or more to the National Health Federation. And my dog-eared copy will be ready to share in the NHF Memorial Library if you are ever by the NHF office.