Written by Donald A. Carroll, Optometric Physician, NTP

Life-Long Health: Learn How to Control Your Genes to Stay Young With Age by Dr. Hans J. Kugler Ph.D (ASIN: B00819RJTC; Kindle Edition, $1.99; May 1, 2012, Book Baby; 239 pages)

Dr. Hans Kugler has been involved with the anti-aging field for many years and has been lecturing at prestigious The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) seminars sharing his extensive research and incredible personal story.  He has a wealth of information to share based on hard research, scientific data, and personal experience.  We are fortunate to have him explain this in a way laymen and -women can learn from and have it synthesized for us in a precise manner.

Hans Kugler’s book is a good introduction to the whole process of aging and how to stop it and return to health and vitality.  But don’t wait until you’re old. This book is directed to those in their 30s and up; maybe even younger readers as I had evidences of premature aging in my 20s with a surprising diagnosis of early cataracts. I could have used Dr. Kugler’s research back then. I have not met Dr. Kugler yet but have heard he has the well-trained, muscular body of a Marine (literally), exudes vitality, and has a powerful brain, and quick mind. Dr. Kugler’s stories of overcoming a horrible car accident prove he walks his talk. Most would have given up and died in that ordeal. The same tenacious bull-dog strength and courage that allowed him to face death and triumph is clear in his book and the way he teaches us to face aging: with skilled, strategic tactics anyone can implement.

Dr. Kugler’s book opens with some of the theories of aging such as shortening telomeres. Telomeres are associated with long life, so we definitely want to know how, in practical ways, to lengthen them and he tells us. He also addresses low antioxidant status and then encompasses the effects of toxins systemically. These are all major factors in longevity.

The first step is detoxification. I discovered this by practical experience years ago when I found out the mercury in my teeth were causing cataracts and a lowered immune system. Mentally testing Dr. Kugler’s research against my own experience proved to be the “Gold Standard” and his findings hold weight scientifically of course as well.

Next, he covers exercise, and super-nutrition as the basis for reversing the ageing process. In the process, Dr. Kugler gives a lot of cutting-edge research to lay out the conclusions.  He has some special insights on the circuit-training exercise that he practices. His method ties together both aerobic and strength training for a very effective regimen and he shares a lot of practical ways to make this work in your life. And as I said, he is a living example of building muscle mass in maturity. The number-one bio-marker of aging is loss of muscle mass. By this observable fact alone, Dr. Kugler has proven his book is worth its weight in gold.

Since lengthening telomeres is tied to longevity, he lists many of the nutrients that have been researched to increase telomeres and thus impart good health.  He gives example of some of the nutrients he has experimented with such as Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Deer Antler, all of which I have had good success with personally as well and also most of which I advise for my patients with ocular pathology.  This is very valuable information as we need to know all the supplements that we need to maintain youth and vitality.

Dr. Kugler has a good explanation of the Krebs cycle, the main energy production system in your body, and how a healthy biochemistry works to create health.  At the end of his book he caps it off with the latest exciting research in stem cells giving an easy explanation to a complex process and how they can create new healing modalities to reverse aging.  I would highly recommend this book to ensure you are doing all the right things to have the optimal life style full of health and vigor well into advanced age.  Dr. Kugler has also provided an important link to continue progress on the path to a youthful life no matter what your age.

Dr. Donald “Donn” Carroll is an Optometrist and Nutritional Therapist. Specializing in ocular nutritional modalities, he has done extensive studies alone and in collaboration with Dr. Stuart Richer in Resveratrol research for macular degeneration. You can reach Dr. Carroll at, or,