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The Miraculous Results Of Extremely High Doses Of The Sunshine Hormone Vitamin D3 My Experiment With Huge Doses Of D3 From 25,000 To 50,000 To 100,000 IU A Day Over A 1-Year Period by Jeff T. Bowles (ASIN: B005FCKN2S; July 18, 2014, kindle, $2.99; paperback, 196 pages; $9.95.)

Author Jeff Bowles has clearly devoted thousands of research-hours to provide cutting-edge information about Vitamin D3 in a book that has sold more than 200,000 copies; 60,000 in Germany alone since it was released in August 2011. The book has been translated into German and Polish and is now being translated into French, Spanish, and Portuguese. You can check the reviews for yourself and see that I am not alone in truly appreciating this healing book. At last count there were 667 reviews on the U.S. Amazon website, 250 on the UK Amazon, and another 250 or so on the German Amazon website. People are excited and eager to share.

Not only has he documented a tremendous amount of scientific research but Jeff has used himself as a human model in his own studies on using doses of D3 far higher than normal. He claims this simple vitamin, also obtained from the Sun, can cut healthcare costs by 90%. I have to agree.

The work noted in Jeff’s self-published e-book is an amazing real-life, human trial that has helped thousands of people to try their own experiment with taking a higher dose of Vitamin D3.  We have all been told not to take too much D3; that it is dangerous.  Jeff, a research scientist, investigated all of the scientific studies on D3 and could find no substantiating research that indicated that it was harmful even in high doses, unlike Vitamin D2, which is.  Jeff decided to start out on 25,000 IU of D3 and ended up taking 100,000 IU a day. He found a great deal of benefit with the high doses but found out that once he was sufficient with D3 that 10,000 IU to 25,000 IU a day was enough to sustain the good benefits gained by “loading” the dose. The only side effects he noticed were the way his old bone injuries started to remodel from years past and it was a little painful as it progressed. He learned, by experimentation, to lower the dose if it became too painful because the bone remodeling was progressing too fast.

The main thing Jeff’s book documents is that in his research he noted nearly all of the broad spectrum of diseases were improved with the high doses of D3. The other major point Jeff brings out in his research was that in high doses you also need to add Vitamin K2 to keep the calcium-regulating part of the hormone-effect of Vitamin D3 directing the calcium into the bone and teeth instead of the arteries and/or the joints.

Some of the chronic conditions Jeff personally had that were cured using the high doses of D3 were bone spurs, fungus toenail, a facial cyst, a ganglion cyst, arthritis, and he even lost 25 pounds. The story is fascinating and enjoyable. It motivated me so much that it made me feel as if I couldn’t wait to try it myself for my own ailments. So I did! I tried it, along with the recommended Vitamin K2, and could not believe all the benefits I received. What was most interesting in my own experiment with high-dose D3 was the healing of a very old malady of mine, Dupuytren’s contracture, in my hand which had caused a hard knot and was in danger of deforming my fingers. It was amazing to first notice the recurrence of pain, which had been absent for years and years in the hand. But more amazing was to watch the hard knot slowly dissolving along with the pain and a freer motion in the hand than I’d had in years.

Since this was first published as a Kindle e-book there have been thousands of people from all walks of life around the World who have responded online, sharing their success stories from using high-dose D3. Jeff emailed me a story from a person in Austria, knowing it might help me in my nutritional therapy practice as an optometrist. This man had lost his central vision in his left eye from a retinal vein occlusion. He was able to regain his vision in several weeks from taking 60,000 IU of D3 a day. In all my years of being an optometrist I have never seen or heard of a retinal vein occlusion repair like this. They usually result in a permanent loss of central vision. It is very exciting to see real-world beneficial responses from a book like this. That fortunate man has Jeff’s thousands of hours in research, self-testing, and writing to thank for regaining his sight.

As a side note, I did a search on’s advanced search engine and noted 180 different conditions with Vitamin-D3 deficiency as a contributing cause. Jeff’s work in this arena will most likely have a positive impact on the majority of disease sufferers as most will fall within the category of one of the 180 conditions listed.

As an additional side note, offers in-home test kits for those wishing to have before-and-after measurements of their Vitamin-D3 levels. As we head into the darker months, it is an excellent time to read Jeff Bowles’ superb book and begin to experience the resolution, as I did, of some long-standing health problems by simply taking supplemental D3.

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